The Big Picture

Have you ever come across a story in the Bible and wondered, what is the point?

  • Why did God allow Israel to be enslaved in Egypt for 435 years?  
  • What about Genesis 38?
  • What about the sacrifices and laws in the Old Testament?
  • What was the point and are we still supposed to still follow those laws?
  • How does the Church fit into God’s plan? 

The Bible is not merely a compiled set of stories which provide good, moral examples of good behaviors, they belong to an overarching, big picture story (or meta-narrative) big which fits together in a way which reveals God working throughout redemptive history in order to bring about His Kingdom. Every Christian is a part of the continuing work of God in redemptive history and understanding how each individual story of the Bible fits within the grand story adds a level of depth to our interpretation of certain texts which can seem obscure or difficult to understand.

In this study, we analyze the biblical narrative at the 50,000ft level, viewing familiar texts through the lens of a grand, meta-narrative, which shapes our understanding of God’s perfect plan throughout history and in the future.  At the core, this study is a lesson in biblical theology, but it is designed to help you apply these truths to practical living.

Michael is passionate about teaching the Bible and will gladly come to your church, conference or any other event to teach this series.

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 The format of the teaching series can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs. The most condensed version may be covered in 2, 1 hour sessions, while the most expanded version includes a total of 14 sessions which are each 1 hour in length. However, these may be adjusted based on the specific venue.

Overview Version (2 hours)

Session 1
The Big Picture (Part I): Lessons from the Old Testament

Session 2
The Big Picture (Part II): The Church & Beyond

 Extended Version (14 weeks)

Session 1
BEGINNINGS: Battle of the Two Seeds

Session 2
ABRAHAM: Establishment of the 3-Part Covenant

Session 3
PATRIARCHS: A Dysfunctional Family

Session 4
JOSEPH: A Continuation of Jacob’s Story

Session 5
EXODUS: Israel’s Independence Day

Session 6
LAW, TABERNACLE & TEMPLE: Living in the Kingdom – God With Us

Session 7
ISRAEL: One Happy Bipolar Family

Session 8
EXILE: Independence Day II (Not the movie)

Session 9
INTER-TESTAMENTAL: Waiting for the New Exodus

Session 10
MATTHEW: Kingdom of Heaven Fanatic

Session 11
GOSPELS: Fulfillment of the Messiah

Session 12
THE CHURCH: The Already Not Yet (Part I)

Session 13
THE CHURCH: The Already Not Yet (Part II)

Session 14
REVELATION: Consummation of the Kingdom