If you do not listen to theology, that will not mean that you have no ideas about God; it will mean that you have a lot of wrong ones. C.S. Lewis

A flurry of debate has surrounded the recent announcement by actor Ryan Gosling that a new movie portraying the Apollo 11 lunar landing would not feature the planting of the American flag on the moon. The reaction to this decision by an American filmmaker set many Americans into a righteous fit of indignation; declaring the decision as yet another example of Hollywood’s attempt to sway the culture away from the idea of American exceptionalism.

As the first day of the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting came to a close in Dallas, Texas, the SBC had voted on a new president with J.D. Greear receiving 68.62% of the votes. The need for a new president of the SBC was the result of Frank Page stepping down several weeks ago after confessing to an inappropriate relationship with a woman. In the weeks leading up to the annual meeting two names emerged as potential candidates to fill this role, J.D. Greear and Ken Hemphill.

One of the benefits of documenting and reading history is the ability to learn from the mistakes of the past with the goal of achieving a better future. Avoiding the failures of the past encourages us to create a world which is more enjoyable, less painful and more satisfying than the past. Not only is this true at the macro level, when we view the entire history of the world, but even at the micro level of our individual lives.

Why can’t you be my neighbor? If that brings back childhood memories of a man in a zipper sweater changing his shoes, then you are among friends. Mr. Rodgers famously used the persona of a local neighbor to invite himself into the homes of millions of children for nearly 33 years on public television. Over the course of these three decades, the show never changed, but our understanding of a local neighbor certainly has changed.