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Open Letter to the Leadership of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

To the President & Trustees of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,

Today we face unprecedented times in the United States of America. A country which was founded on the principles of religious freedom, free speech and equal opportunity, is actively being transformed into a place which rejects these values in favor of an anti-culture movement which demands compelled speech in support of godless ideologies. There has never been a time in the history of the U.S. where Christians have been faced with the types of issues currently defining our cultural landscape. At this moment, we are at a critical junction where gospel affirming institutions and organizations must be clear about where they stand on issues which are significantly impacting and shaping both the culture and evangelicals. If ever there was a time when transparency, honesty and clarity was needed by Christian leaders and institutions, it is now.

Over the past two years, I have observed the following:

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CRT Activism Coming to Your Workplace

If you have been following the news over the past several months, critical race theory or CRT has likely become a familiar term. If you are still not certain of the definition, take a look at New Discourses and Sovereign Nations because in our current environment you can’t afford not to know. This approach to viewing the world has started to permeate every part of our society. Your children are being taught to apply it in their grade school, colleges have integrated it into their curriculum, policy makers are advancing it within the government and your churches might even be teaching it. If you think this is just another fad in the arena of philosophy that will not really impact you, it is time to start paying attention.

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If the People

Today, as we read the newspaper or tune into the news station, we are witnessing a crisis point in the history of these United States of America. We are seeing the culmination of a decades long attempt by some to transform our society. It may sound strange to some, but we live in the freest, most prosperous country in the history of the world. Consider that our country is a place where tens of thousands of people every year are willing to risk their lives traversing the desert, the vast Gulf of Mexico, walk miles through dangerous, guerrilla warfare infested lands and pay large sums of money, just to cross into the U.S. Yet, observing the current situation and behavior of people in America, one would think we live in the most oppressed country in the world.

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