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MLK50: Matt Chandler Missed the Mark

The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) and The Gospel Coalition (TGC) recently sponsored an event in Memphis known as the MLK50 conference. According to their website the purpose of the event was to “reflect on the state of racial unity within the church.” Although I was unable to attend, after listening to several of the videos there is a need to conduct a postmortem of what was said, especially since this topic is becoming highly emphasized and debated within the Southern Baptist Convention.

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The Reformation: 500 Years Later

The Protestant Reformation was sparked 500 years ago this year when Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517. This session was recorded on October 29, 2017 to discuss the importance of this movement over the past 500 years. There are 3 important impacts discussed.

  1. Restoration of Fundamental Doctrines
  2. Return of the Church to a Community of Believers
  3. The Bible Becoming Accessible to All People

The three videos played during this session can be found below in the order they were shown.

Why Can’t You Be My Neighbor

Why can’t you be my neighbor? If that brings back childhood memories of a man in a zipper sweater changing his shoes, then you are among friends. Mr. Rodgers famously used the persona of a local neighbor to invite himself into the homes of millions of children for nearly 33 years on public television. Over the course of these three decades, the show never changed, but our understanding of a local neighbor certainly has changed.

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Certainty in Uncertain Times

Read the newspaper, turn on the news, open the news app on your phone or scroll through your Twitter feed and you will find a world capable of filling us with anxiety, worry and uncertainty. From church shootings to tax code changes to military tensions with North Korea, we are reminded daily of what life is like in a post-Genesis 3 world where everything is tainted by sin. In that kind of a world, we can be absolutely certain there will be uncertainty. This is why we have news alerts on our phone and 24-hour news networks, to inform us of all the uncertainties that occurred in our country and around the world throughout the day. Likewise, our individual lives are filled with a list of uncertainties that we take with us to bed and are guaranteed to stare us in the face when we wake up in the morning.

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