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A Response to Denhollander on the Atlanta Shootings

Rachael Denhollander recently released an opinion piece in the Washington Post in response to the unfortunate events in Atlanta, Georgia which left six woman dead. The alleged murderer, Robert Aaron Long, is a 21 year old man whose membership in a local conservative Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) church has attracted national attention. Of course it isn’t just his church affiliation which has garnered the attention of sexual abuse victim advocates such as Denhollander, but the teachings of his church which holds to a belief of sexual abstinence outside of marriage. This wasn’t an unsolicited targeting of his church’s beliefs, Robert Long specifically indicated to police that his motive was to “eliminate temptation” presumably sexual temptation.

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If the People

Today, as we read the newspaper or tune into the news station, we are witnessing a crisis point in the history of these United States of America. We are seeing the culmination of a decades long attempt by some to transform our society. It may sound strange to some, but we live in the freest, most prosperous country in the history of the world. Consider that our country is a place where tens of thousands of people every year are willing to risk their lives traversing the desert, the vast Gulf of Mexico, walk miles through dangerous, guerrilla warfare infested lands and pay large sums of money, just to cross into the U.S. Yet, observing the current situation and behavior of people in America, one would think we live in the most oppressed country in the world.

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