Avoid Politics, Offer Hope

Every national election year we are faced with the reality that both Election Day and Thanksgiving Day are located within the same month. This inevitable results in politics being at least one of the primary discussions at some point during the Thanksgiving celebration. This year the Holdness Family attempted to overcome this challenge by encouraging people to reconcile with each other for just this one day out of the year so everyone could take a much need break from discussing politics and focus primarily on being thankful. While the video skit is cute, entertaining and contains an underlining positive message, it does not offer a reason why everyone should “just get along” with one another and not discuss politics. This may create a temporary sense of reconciliation for one day, but the very definition of reconciliation implies the long-term restoration of a relationship, not a temporary truce. Soldiers of war have been know over the centuries to establish formal or informal temporary cease fire agreements to allow for the celebration of major holidays, but they certainly did not believe these would resolve the dispute, it merely suspended it for a short period of time.
If we consider this approach honestly, we must admit there is actually no reason for many people to follow the advice of the Holdness Family on Thanksgiving Day, outside of merely focusing on something else for a day, since we know the hostilities will simply resume the next day. In the end they do not offer a long-term solution to the deep-rooted problem of placing ultimate hope in a Presidential election and the United States of America.  We must always remember that as Christians we do have a long-term solution to offer the world, but it will not be found in watching football, drinking away your feelings or discussing something different for a day. We offer hope not in a country or a President, but hope in knowing we serve a God who reigns over the world, establishes all rulers and will one day offer us a permanent, eternal home where everything will be restored to be holy, good and perfect as God intended. For this reason we have hope regardless of who is elected President and regardless of what happens in America. That is the hope we should offer to our friends and family this Thanksgiving season because it offers something permanent and not merely a temporary cease fire.

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